Autism Journey

Everyday May not be good

Every day may not be good Every day may not be good, A poignant reminder. that we all have days where we want to hide in bed all day! and wish the days over I know I’ve wished the last part of December away.

Assessment Meeting 

I have some meetings coming up. that is making me anxious,
and I know if it passes and January comes things will be looking better and brighter.
For now, I have to suck up what will be will be and hope that help awaits.
Everyday may not be good.
For those of you who don’t know!
we have been made aware monkey has GDD.
(Global Development Delay) where she is very behind her peers in things like talking.
Currently, she says a minimum of 5-6 words and still not stable on her feet with walking.
And she is also showing signs of autism.
for which I spotted very early due to KK.
we have a review meeting on 14th with Evie’s speech and language therapist.
Every day may not be good
And I will see what her report says as it is already with the child paediatrician for her Assessment on the 16th.
The children’s centre we visit
is also putting in place early intervention with a nursery in January.

I’m going to be so lost without my baby girl

But I do know from watching Stacey YouTube channel
following Jacobs story
that things should improve over time.

buggy and car seat issue 

Also realised that I seem to of resolved the buggy problems we were having with the new one I bought.
next meltdown causer is the car seat.
it’s the straps that are causing a massive issue.
Again watching Stacey’s Channel,
I have noticed a car seat that she uses.
no straps around the child,
but a bump that placed in front
with a belt on the outside could be the answer.
I’ve also found with nappies she has never stayed still screamed the whole time.
and it was a nightmare,
but I’ve discovered that pull up nappies has helped so finding ways to prevent the meltdowns.
  To read more about the assessment day and what happened you can read it HERE  if your interested in how we had inklings you can read about that HERE have anything you have experienced like this please do comment below I’d love to know  ]]>