Autism Journey

Autie mums chat

Autie mum chat Here is the opening series of ‘Autie mum chat’ two friends with two children living on the Autistic Spectrum. Talking about things, getting it off our chest at the end of a tough day, crying and then have a laugh and the end. Granted, yes it is hard work being an autistic child’s mum It is not A walk in the park, and it can often seem trying, especially with judgemental people who are quick to give out their opinion on how to be A parent. I bet they never had a child that acted up in public. and the thought of a child screaming, crying and making a scene would mortify them. They would More often say, loud enough ‘if that was my child, it would have been given a slap’. The eyes and shameful stares Do you not think I know your watching and muttering your disapproval in my child. that is unable to cope with her surroundings? the noise, smells and the crowds? Have you ever felt claustrophobic? Anxiety attack? Autie mum chat


The feeling that you’re losing control? Can you imagine as an adult how you could cope? Expressing your feelings about how scared you feel you’re going dizzy and ringing in your ears. The only way a child cope is to try and run away. So next time you see a child and parent in distress don’t be so quick with your tongue, offer a sympathetic smile, for a parent that smile could be the boost they need or ask if they need any help. A little story for you, I was out shopping and I could hear a child, of about 4 years old crying and scream. the mother was doing so well in trying to stay calm. But I could see her feel powerless in the battle with her distressed child. I approached with care, and made eye contact with the mum, and then she was crying, unable to contain her emotions. I offered my hand to them both and asked if she could have a sweetie. I said how mummy loved her and how shopping to get bits for dinner needed to do. The mum hugged me when the little girl skipped off holding her hand. do you have a child with Autism or ASD, ADHD? please know you are not alone.   To read more about our journey HERE KK,moo&monkey2]]>