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Anticipated Day

Autistic Or Naughty?

The day that we’ve anticipated is the day we had the assessment date to see if KK is autistic or just naughty?

The day came filled with nerves I drove to the clinic in plenty of time.
typically the doctor had been caught in traffic, which was the added anticipation.

I couldn’t tell you what I was expecting to happen in that room. but it wasn’t as worrying as I thought it was going to be. With me, I guess the fear of the unknown is what holds me back on a fair few things. while me, the other doctor and Monkey watched KK play with the other doctor. I couldn’t help but think about how her playing is showing anything. Was explained at the end it’s to coax children into feeling relaxed and open up. With the information that already had from school and other authorities involved she does, in fact, have Autism and ADHD.

Fighting For KK 

Fighting for KK

I cannot tell you how relieved I felt hearing the words! because I have been fighting since KK was 2 1/2 years old and she is 10 now. Tell you after a while you just think you’re a bad parent and obviously not bringing her upright. up until now, that is how I have been made to feel. Now waking up the next day it’s made me think differently. I will finally get the help needed. In a do few weeks time I will meet the doctor again to discuss EHCP (Educational Health Care Plan) and medication. There are so many things we can have help with so it’s just waiting and coming to terms with things and doing training for ways to cope better with meltdowns and seeing how I can improve my parenting.

For 8 years I have said there is something more going on with KK, If you’re a parent and feel that your child has signs act now to get the help or it will get worse.


Please let me know if you are a parent of an autistic and ADHD child and how you have received help and things for your child and yourself.